Rosta Sand-gravel filter station FS-12/2″

Sand-gravel filter station FS-12/2″(MARS-1)
The filter station is meant for implementation of the full cycle of water treatment at drip irrigation while withdrawing water from surface sources (channels, rivers, lakes).

It consists of the FG-12/2” gravel filter, a disk filter (discharge capacity up to 12 m3/h) and a fertilizing device, implemented like a standard fertilizing unit with an injector, or the equipment implemented like a fertilizing vessel. Its efficiency is up to 12 m3/h or 0.5 hectare of simultaneous watering. Used for irrigation of area up to 3 hectares.

Technical data for the filter station
Nominal flow rate, m3/h 12
Recommended flow rate, m3/h 9-15
Filter surface area, m2 0.2
Working pressure (no more than), kilogauss/cm2 8
Pressure loss for filter demanding washing, kilogauss/cm2 0.5-0.8
Gravel fraction, mm 1-2
Demanded amount of gravel, kg 100
Diameter of the collector
Input (flange), mm 50
Output (screw thread), inches 1.5″
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 2000
Width 700
Height 900
Weight, kg (without gravel) 47