Rosta Sand gravel filter with automatic washing FGA-80

Sand gravel filter with automatic washing FGA-80
The gravel horizontal filter is meant exclusively to pre-filtrate drip irrigation water of mechanical impurities and microweeds while withdrawing water from surface sources.
Since filter washing will be made automatically (unmanned) and with no dwell of irrigating. Using automatic machinery in the gravel filter allows avoiding operator errors fraught with blocking the filter and dwell of irrigating, and also reduces the common time of washing and filter service.

1. Continuous irrigation without expenditure of time for filter washing.
2. Saving time and water on filter washing.
3. Maintenance low cost.

Technical data for the filter station
Nominal flow rate, m3/h 80
Recommended flow rate, m3/h 60-96
Filter surface area, m2 1.28
Working pressure (no more than), kilogauss/cm2 8
Pressure loss for filter demanding washing, kilogauss/cm2 0.5-0.8
Gravel fraction, mm 1-2
Demanded amount of gravel, kg 600
Diameter of the collector
Input (flange), mm 100/4
Output (screw thread), inches 100/4
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 2080
Width 840
Height 1590
Weight, kg (without gravel) 260