Rosta Sand-gravel horizontal filter FG-60

FG-60/3” double-chambered horizontal gravel filter
The gravel horizontal filter is meant exclusively to pre-filtrate drip irrigation water of mechanical impurities and microweeds while withdrawing water from surface sources.
The filter’s functional concept

The filter’s functional concept is based on transporting the contaminated water through the layer of calibrated sand. The contaminants will be trapped on the surface of the sand, and the treated water will come to the final filtration. When the filter is clogged, it has to be washed by the reversed water flow. Filter sections will be washed in turn. During that, every new section will be washed by water that has already been filtered by the previous sections. Each section can function individually or simultaneously with others, so the filter washing mode may be active during irrigating.

Technical data for the filter station
Nominal flow rate, m3/h 60
Recommended flow rate, m3/h 45-72
Filter surface area, m2 1.00
Working pressure (no more than), kilogauss/cm2 8
Pressure loss for filter demanding washing, kilogauss/cm2 0.5-0.8
Gravel fraction, mm 1-2
Demanded amount of gravel, kg 500
Diameter of the collector
Input (flange), mm 80/3
Output (screw thread), inches 80/3
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 1650
Width 830
Height 1450
Weight, kg (without gravel) 215