Garlic weeding machine GW-1.6

Garlic weeding machine GW-1.6
In standard weeding machine tines are 7mm and about 40cm long.
This is standard wire diameter for weeding.
We can also supply 8, 9 or 10mm wires.
This is universal machine, it can be used for weeding others cultures.
Organic weeding machine Garmach GW-1.5  is intended for the destruction of weeds and crust on the soil surface in the cultivation of garlic, cereals, potatoes, maize, beet, rape, etc., and thus is an indispensable tool on organic farms.
The single-mounted fingers can be adapted to any type of crop thanks to the adjustable angle of attack, and the possibility of setting the finger at intervals corresponding to the crop.
working width 1500 mm
required tractor power 28 kW
number of fingers 48
dimensions (length x width x height) 2130 x 1750 x 1200 mm
weigh 150 kg


Please send a request for a garlic weeding machine to your dealer in Australia