Garlic planter 4 row belt type MGP-4R (tractor mounted)

Garlic planter is a simple to use completely mechanical machine designed for small and medium-sized farms.
The 3 row Garmach MGP-4R garlic planter is a universal planter. You can use it both:
for planting garlic,
broad beans,
and other tubers.
The simple construction of this model is undoubtedly its advantage. You will be able to do all kinds of repairs or modifications on your own.
Garlic planter is supplied with conveyor belt equipped with buckets 50x50mm
number of rows 4
required tractor power 28 kW
working width 980 mm
depth of planting Adjustable every 20 mm to max 160 mm
dimensions (length x width x height) 2000 / 1550 / 950 mm
weight 120 kg
distance between rows Adjustable from 150 mm to max 326 mm – smooth regulation
seed spacing Various spaces selection from 70 mm up to 200 mm
productivity 0.3 ha / hour
suitable for planting Spring onions, garlic, broad bean, saffron
number of seats 2